Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boys' Weekend at Silver Dollar City

I.C. and Mom take on one of the "baby" roller coasters to get warmed up! I.C. soon realized that Mom was NOT the ideal roller coaster companion, so Dad took her place on the much more stomach-turning coasters - "Thunderation" and "Wildfire"!!!
C.H. and Mom share a ride on the giant swing. T.H. and I.C. rode solo so they could twist and spin their seats.

I.C. found a good roller coaster companion in T.H. They were real thrill seekers and rode the Powderkeg roller coaster which shoots out of a barn going 0 to 60 in nothing flat! Not even Dad could be talked into riding this one!!!

We took a break from rides long enough to watch a stunt dog show. It featured different rescue dogs that had been trained to jump, catch, and do some pretty amazing tricks! T.H. and C.H. got a squeeze before the show from the mascot, Diggy : )

All four of the boys challenge their strength and try to stop the perpetual ball from rolling. They succeeded, at least for a couple of seconds! It was a wonderful 3-day weekend with just the boys : )

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