Saturday, October 2, 2010

School Pictures 2010!!!

I.C. looking good as a 5th Grader.
He is super pumped as he got
contacts yesterday so future school
pics will be without glasses!
We swear C.H. is happy to be in 2nd Grade
even though he looks like he is on the verge
of doing something evil! Haha!
Our other 2nd Grader, T.H., was super
excited to show off his self-manicured do!
If a picture says a thousand words....this one has
L.C. saying she is very happy modern style
doesn't include the 1800s look!

This one might say two thousand words...
JBug looks worried the 1800s might be
coming back into style!

Little House on the Prarie would
be proud although L.C. is thinking
of how to burn down the log cabin!
JBug looks like she is ready to go to
Church and sing some hymns!

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