Sunday, October 24, 2010

Air Show 2010

We took a trip to the 2010 Air Show
at the LR Air Force Base.
We met our cousins and had a great time!
CH & TH on a Mustang!

IC & one of his friends on the Mustang.

The boys sitting in front of a Japanese Zero
with a torpedo on the underside!
This was really cool. They had about 7 replicas
there and the boys got to watch them take
off and perform a reenactment of the attack on
Pearl Harbor with the Zeros flying by and
"dropping" bombs as the show had explotions
going off as the Zeros flew by.

The boys in front of a replica of one of the
Doolittle Raiders that bombed Tokyo.

They had a blast looking at all the planes
with rockets, bombs, and big guns!

This was on a C130 that was
equipped with a huge cannon...
...a super cool Gatlin Gun...

...and a smaller version of the huge cannon!

CH liked the models of the planes too!
He wanted to buy some and terrorize the
neigbhood...but they weren't for sale.
They even had a drone.

A pic with the cousins and their friend as well.

This was a Warthog with a Razorback on the nose!

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