Saturday, December 17, 2011

60 more years 'til Willard Scott says... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Mommy woke up on December 11th to a lot of cheers from lots of children and a smiling husband. Happy Birthday to the most amazing person in the entire world!J.T. was dressed in her best Princess outfit to
welcome Mommy to a new year of youth!
Sitting at the table...staring at 40 little presents representing each of her amazing years on this earth. All the while being stared at by 6 amazing children who were super excited to share this morning with their Mommy!
Let the present opening begin!
T.H. gets love from Mommy while she reads his sweet card.
C.H. comes over Mommy's right shoulder in
excitement pointing out his awesome card to her.
L.C. shows off some of Mommy's new "bling"
A new shirt....I think she likes it!
Hot chocolate...I think everyone likes it!
J.T. especially loved Mommy's singing Birthday card!
Lots and lots of lotions made the house smell wonderful.
The best present...a family picture for Mommy to smile at every morning.
T.H. shows off some of Mommy's chocolate stash!
C.H. can't believe she got so much!
I.C. tries to figure a way to swipe some without her knowing!

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