Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is soooo hard for us to believe but 11 years ago (at...4:56 pm) IC was born into this wonderful world of ours!
To celebrate, after the Branson trip, we had his choice of pancakes and smoothies and then came the presents and cards! Mimi & Poppy had already given IC their presents last week during our visit to Mena. Gigi sent IC a card that he is ripping into in this picture.

Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mike sent IC a card and a book!

He LOVES to read!

LC & CM look on as they finish up their pancakes.

JBug needs a nap...but she is still enjoying the festivities!

Maw-Ma & Pap-Paw came over this afternoon and shared in the excitement of IC's birthday as well!

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