Saturday, March 12, 2011

Field Trip to Buffalo National Park

I.C., Daddy, and the Science Club went to the Buffalo National
Park this week and learned about those that settled there
and about all the caves & caverns in the area.
There are over 300 caves just in the area!
This is Chester, our guide, and he loves exploring caves.
He has been in most of them in the area and gave us a great
lesson on how they are formed, why there are so many,
and what kind of animals and others critters live in them.
This is the cave we explored. The e-mail from the teacher
gave the impression that the opening was very large and
an adult could get in rather easily...
Well, as you can see from Chester, who was about 5'9 and 180,
the entrance was not very big! It was a little over a foot high
and about 3 feet wide. We were told as we stood there we
were going to get dirty! This would scare most 10 year olds
but as you can see.....
I.C. was at the front of the line wanting to go first!

I.C. after spelunking in the cave! Does he look like a pro or what?

Daddy & I.C. dirty as can be back home.
Spelunking will get you very muddy!
We had to wash all the clothes and shoes
but the fun was well worth it!!!

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