Monday, May 10, 2010

Too Much Beach Fun ?!?

A quiet moment between T.H. and I.C.

Wow! C.H. is EXTREMELY flexible : )

L.C. looks after C.M. while taking a break
from her intensive sand digging.


T.H. and L.C. rest in the shade while planning their next sand creation.

L.C. loved the waves as long as Daddy
was holding her above them!

C.H. didn't mind rolling in the sand until it was time to dust off!


C.M. enjoyed the peaceful, sleepy feeling that
he got from the sun, surf, and sand...

The troops were all digging for "treasure"!


C.H. crashes after a day of intense play!

I.C. and T.H. show off their sea turtle sand creation.

I.C. enjoyed boogey boarding even though the water was
extremely COLD!

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