Monday, October 19, 2009

Gracefest 2009 Face Painting

The boys enjoyed a fun filled day at Gracefest and Ms. Mac,
our school's very gifted Art Teacher, was there painting faces.
C.H. wanted this lively snake. If you look closely at C.H.'s temple,
you can see a bulge in the snake. This was C.H.'s request is the rat that the snake ate!

T.H. chose the tiger and is pulling it off nicely. With his ruff
voice he is a very convincing and "ferocious" sounding jungle cat.
This also resembles a mugshot photo although he better
not look that happy if it ever does occur!!! HAHA!!!

I.C. chose the Coy Fish for his face painting. It covered nearly
a third of his face! It also brought out his big blue eyes!

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