Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kris Allen Returns to Conway!!!

I.C. and a friend are anxiously waiting for the Kris Allen Parade
to begin. We were invited to have front row seats
outside of a friend's downtown store.
Everyone in the family got in on the action! Daddy made
custom posters for all of the kids to display during the parade.
Notice the substitution of I.C.'s head for that of
Ryan Seacrest in the pic!

Hard to tell in these pics, but they have C.H. and T.H. singing
with Kris Allen. Daddy is very creative and loves
doing "projects" like this!!!

Even Mimi and Poppy joined in on the parade watching!
J.T. and L.C. were so excited that they weren't left out.
Their poster says "Kris Allen's #1 Fans...Double the Love".
I'm pretty sure that our family's posters were the cutest
ones there to welcome home Conway's American Idol!!!

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